D.P.D.V. - Din Punct De Vedere/From The Point Of View

D.- D. masc. noun, invar. The sixth letter of the Roman language alphabet.

Din/From – Prep. I (local meaning) (Introduces an attribute that shows the place where someone or something is, where something is happening) (….)

Punct de vedere/Point of view – the aspect in which someone sees a problem or the attitude he has towards it; way of thinking.

Din punct de vedere/From the point of view – regarding…, on the account

D.P.D.V. (statement) – looks for distributing, modulation, remodulation of images, of the concept. Looks to spot and spot for marks, shapes, areas. D.P.D.V. stresses an amazing background and a huge imagistic challenge, offering analogical and parallel understandings and proving an ability and an extremely elastic opening that pushes towards newer ways of thoroughly look, of accumulating and redirectioning of some messages within other messages, of a word within a thought.


C. Horatiu Christian

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